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About Us

Mabopane Foundation is a North Carolina-based nonprofit organization created in 2003 to change lives by sharing God’s love and hope with Mabopane, South Africa’s children in need. 

Through the sacrificial giving of those willing to invest in the future of orphaned and vulnerable children, we are helping build Ya Bana Village in Mabopane, South Africe. Our village feeds, clothes, houses, educates, and loves these children. Mabopane is a poor and industrialized township located in the town of Winterveld, within the northwest province of Gauteng, South Africa.  Millions of people have settled in the Mabopane area with hopes of finding employment, but jobs are scarce, poverty high, and disease rampant.

Dedicated volunteers, both here and in South Africa, combined with the resources of those who pray and contribute, have a positive impact on dozens of children. The love of Jesus enables many to develop a sense of purpose and belonging. The educational opportunities give the children options for a future and allow them to dream and set goals. Join us in providing a future full of hope and promise for these children.

Mission Statement

Changing Lives by sharing God's love and hope with Mabopane's children in need.

Vision Statement

Mabopane Foundation helps provide a loving environment where children are embraced with God’s love in a family setting. Experiencing holistic care, the programs focus on the physical, emotional, educational, spiritual, and cultural needs of the child.

Values Statement

Our values are Faith, Family & Friends, Love, Service, Stewardship, and Integrity.
"I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers
of mine, you did for me."
- Matthew 25:40

Ya Bana Village

The Mabopane Foundation founded and helps sustain the Ya Bana Village in Mabopane South Africa. Ya Bana, which means "for the children" in the Tswana language, is a village project aimed at providing orphaned and vulnerable children with permanent housing in a family environment. Trained house mothers offer love and structure along with ongoing programs to holistically address emotional, educational, spiritual, and cultural needs. 
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Founder's Testimony

Becky Young, Mabopane Foundation Executive Director, visited Mabopane in 1998 on a mission trip. There, she found two partnering shelters striving to serve poor and disadvantaged children and provide for their basic needs with little resources. Becky's heart was touched by the many volunteers who gave genuine love and care to the children.
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Board of Directors

Mabopane’s Board of Directors meets once a month to provide discernment and guidance for all aspects of the mission. Please click here to meet our Board of Directors.
Board Members


What does the Mabopane Foundation do?

The Mabopane Foundation was founded about 25 years ago to protect and provide for abandoned, abused, and orphaned children in Mabopane, South Africa. The village (called the Ya Bana village) currently houses over 60 children of all ages. A primary focus of the foundation is to share God’s love and hope with the children in addition to caring for their physical needs.

How much of the money goes to the village?

Unless otherwise designated, 100% of the money goes to supporting and expanding the Ya Bana village.

What is life like in the Ya Bana Village?

Ya Bana Village is a gated community for children located in Winterveldt, a Mabopane suburb, and includes small cluster homes, each able to house six-eight children and a "house mom" to give children a real sense of security and offer many a first glimpse of what family life is all about. Currently, there are 9 cluster homes, a school, gardens, a youth home, and an early learning center within the community.

What makes the Mabopane Foundation different than other organizations?

First, the primary goal of the foundation is to glorify and honor God. This means that the Executive Director and Board of Directors actively seek God’s will when planning and making decisions. Second, the smaller cluster homes provide a different experience than a traditional orphanage and allows the children to experience living in a family-like setting. Last, the children are provided with an education and are taught skills that aid them in finding jobs once they become adults; several of the youth are even attending college right now.
3913 US Hwy 64W Apex, NC 27523
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