Newsletter - March Edition 2023

March 10, 2023


On Thursday, February 9th Mabopane Foundation celebrated its first “Be The Light”event of 2023 commemorating 25 years of experiencing God’s hand of provision for the beautiful children of Ya Bana Village. An intimate fundraising gala held at Evermore Farms was attended by long-time ministry partners and first time foundation supporters. We came together in this beautiful setting to enjoy delicious food, beautiful music, wonderful company and to hear the “story” of Mabopane so clearly presented by Sarah Hall and Becky Young. Through tremendous generosity, over $30 thousand dollars was raised for the support of Ya Bana Village. We want to thank our underwriters, business partners and everyone who contributed to this incredible event with their time, their heart, their talents, their monetary donations, and their sharing with others about the on-going ministry of Mabopane Foundation!
At a second “Be The Light” event, we will continue to celebrate 25 years - this time in honor of our highly valued and much appreciated volunteers/ministry partners without whom the day-to-day operation of Mabopane would not be possible. This event will occur in early summer. As we look back, we see God’s faithfulness over the past 25 years. As we look forward, we trust in His abundant and continued blessing on Mabopane, on the beautiful children of Ya Bana Village, and on all those who support this ministry.


We are excited to share that we will begin hosting different types of classes at the Mission House beginning this Spring. Our goal is to raise awareness about the Mission House and donations we accept, showcase different Mission Partners and their unique talents, and gather for fellowship. On May 11th at 6:30 p.m., we will host a floral arranging class. This class will be instructed by Kara Kipe. Be on the lookout for a special signup as we will have limited space. In addition to participating in the class, those who attend will have the opportunity to pre-shop the upcoming sale. We look forward to continuing to reach the local community and support the children of Ya Bana Village!


This year we will hold our much-loved annual Spring Plant Sale on Friday April 28th and Saturday April 29th. Every year we offer a wide variety of perennials, small shrubs and trees, and even some herbs for our shoppers to add to their yard and gardens. We always receive a wonderful selection of donated plants. We are asking all of our faithful friends of Mabopane to consider digging up and separating some of their perennials and houseplants for selling at our Spring Plant Sale. Now is a perfect time to do so. This way the plants can start to put out roots and get established beforehand. If anyone needs pots or containers, please let us know. Also if you enjoy working with plants and would like to help out at the sale, please contact Heidi Soden, 919-302-1171,or


Kathy Sommerville, Baked Goods Coordinator (left) with volunteer, Maledia Boyd
When you walk into the Mission House during a sale you will most likely be greeted by a sweet, sweet aroma of breads and delicious confectioneries coming from our Baked Goods Booth. This wonderful assortment is provided by generous volunteer bakers as well as Panera Bread’s Apex and Holly Springs locations.

We are so grateful for the relationship we established with Apex Peak United Methodist Church who gave us their share of the Apex Panera Bread donations on some occasions when we had a Pop-Up Sale weekend but no Panera. Additionally in October, we started to receive donations from the Panera in Holly Springs.
These baked goods are such a blessing to this foundation. They are not sold, but donations are made by our customers which makes a huge impact for this ministry. These funds are used towards Mission House Expenses, enabling us to continue to send 100% of funding from sales and donations to Ya Bana Village.

If you are interested in baking and/or helping in the baked goods booth, please contact Kathy Sommerville, our Baked Goods Coordinator at If you are interested or have already agreed to help but are not familiar with the SignUpGenius, please call Kathy at 919-631-6075 to notify her of your contribution or email Ashley, our Pop-Up Sale Administrator at She will show you how to use SignUpGenius.
“Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless! “
- Mother Teresa

Nice Furniture Needed

We have an unusual problem at the Mission House—the lack of nice furniture to display and sell. Having beautiful and tastefully decorated rooms has always been a source of pride at the Mission House and enhanced our sales. Please pass the word to your friends that we have a need and will appreciate their donations. All donations should be in excellent condition.

We greatly appreciate pictures prior to drop off in order to have an idea of what to expect and determine if we can accept your items.
You can email pictures to Ashley at

Thank you so much!
Don’t forget to save your empty ink cartridges of all types
which will provide savings to us when we purchase office supplies!


This month we would like to recognize Rick and Sandra Carringer in our Hearts and Hands spotlight. Rick is the owner of Carringer Agricultural Research Service, Inc (CARS) which was established in 2007 and specializes in conducting field research to support the seed industry in developing and registering genetically modified crops.  CARS currently has research projects underway in the United States, Canada, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, and South Africa.  The project in South Africa includes development of novel technology to economically improve hybrid seed corn production.  This research is sponsored by the Gates Foundation and will result in small holders having access to improved seed that will increase their production capacity of maize, a staple food in all of Africa.  

Several years ago, Rick reached out to see if he could take items to Ya Bana Village for us when he travels to SA. On a recent trip, Rick and Sandra carried over two, 70-pound bags containing black leather school shoes and color coordinated, heavy duty plastic dinnerware for each of the nine houses. Such a sweet blessing for us and such a help to Becky who regularly takes as much luggage as possible filled with needed supplies.
Rick and Sandra
in South Africa
“Those blessings are sweetest that are won with prayer and worn with thanks.”
Thomas Goodwin
Becky at the Airport
School Shoes and Dinnerware
Black Leather Shoes Galore


Did you know that Ya Bana children are required to wear black leather shoes in order to go to school - whether public or private? And add in shoes to play in, bedroom shoes in winter, and others. However, the children are taught to keep their shoes looking good by polishing them regularly. Great stewardship!

To help, our Mission House volunteers collect donated black leather shoes (in really great condition). These shoes are packed up and taken to Ya Bana Village whenever possible.

In addition to wearing black leather shoes, all students must also wear a school uniform which includes matching socks, jerseys, trousers/skirts, shirts, ties, at an approximate cost of $287 per child for two uniforms. Two uniforms are needed for each child, to ensure they are always clean. When you add bookbags, lunch containers and water bottles for all, it adds up to a lot of shoes, a lot of socks, uniforms, bookbags and lunch boxes, and a lot of operational expenses for sixty children!


18 children are attending Acudeo Private School sponsored by the Race to 300. See more information at

7 students are attending Asamath school specializing in math and science.

7 children are attending special needs schools, including for 2 sight impaired children.

• All other children are attending public schools.

3 students from the Youth Living Center are attending continuing education classes/job skill training.
“This is a wonderful day. I’ve never seen this one before.”
Maya Angelou
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